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2021 in review



On the farm where he grew up with all his siblings the elderly man sat alone after that his wife had died before him. He knew the farm, the village, and the community where he had lived his whole life. He knew when the swallows arrived during the year, he knew all the different weather shifts and he had peace – something he had been given from his parents and the environment he grew up in.

It was winter and he was now an elderly man that went out on the yard for an errand to the car when he slipped and fell underneath the car, so bad that one leg broke and there he laid.

round him came the neighbours, yes, and even some relatives that happened to pass by. All where worried for him that now lay there seemingly helpless and an intense discussion started about which way was the best to help him. One though this, another thought that and it seemed like there was only one person that was calm – the man with a broken leg underneath the car.

"Let one of you go and get the broad plank in the barn, put me on that and drag me into the house while one other of you calls my son who will come with first aid kit as soon as he has the time," the man declared from his supine position.

With that said and done the man came into the warmth on a broad plank and the son came with assistants, yes,
and to the hospital eventually .

It went so bad that the led had to be amputated and the man had to spend the rest of his life on crutches. Regardless of all this the man kept his calm and even when the forest where up for inspection you could see the man with crutches make his way through the most miserable terrain.

The man knew the farm, the village, and the community where he had lived his whole life. He knew when the swallows arrived during the year, he knew all the different weather shifts and he had peace – with or without leg.



One creates one´s future by through one´s inner dialog. If one changes one´s inner dialog one changes what one says and one´s reality.

To talk to oneself is something we all do. We can not stop talking to one self just as we can not stop eating and drinking. All we can do is to direct our inner dialog and its content.

Most of us are unaware that our inner dialog creates the circumstances of our life and it has been said that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Do we know though that one´s thinking follow the path of one´s inner dialog.

One creates one´s future by through one´s inner dialog. If one changes one´s inner dialog one changes what one says and one´s reality. So, be aware of your inner dialog and direct it.

“If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

Neville Goddard



Tacksam att fa vara en del av denna veckan i Gävle vid sidan av Gävle symfoniorkester i Gävle konserthus vid deras livestreamade kondert fredag den 26 mars kl. 13.0 med en eftersändning kl. 19.00.

Varmt tack Glenn, Anders, Magdalena och Gävle  symfoniorkester . SÅ fint program och musiker, på alla sätt.

Ryan Bancroft DIRIGENT
Bjarke Mogensen ACCORDEON
PIAZZOLLA "Aconcagua" Konsert för ackordeon
LACY "Aliento del mar" för ackordeon och orkester - VÄRLDS PREMIÄR
ELGAR Enigmavariationer


Ideas, thought and organized planning are freedom.
Many make a list before going grocery shopping, many children make a Christmas list for Santa Claus, few grown ups make a list for their life; a plan of how one whishes’ to live.

If one wants children to believe that they can become what they want and live a good life, surely so can even grown-ups do. For yours truly this became obvious when one whish from childhood days was offered as a grown up; "Right, that was and is what I want. How could one forget?" Had forgot to make a list, a plan, a clear dream as a grown up.

With a Christmas list all through life things becomes clearer and things that are not important tend to fall away, because one is focusing on what one wants more than on what one do not want.

So, we can call things that are not seen as though they were seen and the unseen becomes seen.

Yes; ideas, thought and organized planning are freedom.


Gävle Symphony Orchestra ends their season with Robert Schumanns 4:th symphony and Benjamin Brittens pianoconcerto. Mårten Landström is the soloist and Gérard Korsten conducts.

Thank yoiu Anders, Glenn and
Gävle Symphony Orchestra for letting one be a small part of this. Thank you, warmly.


International Scholarship Karlskrona Blekinge was initiated 2019 & this year, 2021, the scholarship was presented during the last concert of Blekinge International Brass Academy to; Sigrid Bengtsson, trumpet, Ellinor Bengtson, trumpet, & Hedda Simonsson, trumpet.

For 28 years solo brass musicians from the worlds leading
concert halls have been represented at BIBA, so even this year;

Wim Van Hasselt, trumpet
Soloist from Belgium

Frits Damrow, trumpet
Professor from Zürich

Stefan Dohr, horn
Berlin Philharmonic

Katy Woolley, horn
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Ian Bousfield trombon
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & London Symphony Orchestra

Jamie Williams, trombon
Deutsche Oper Berlin

Dave Kutz, tuba
Netherlands Philharmonic


Imagine; the sun shining, the ferry filled with people and out to sea it goes. The wind increases and the water splash up onto the ferry.

The tempo slows down already on the way on board and all seem to be pleased, yes, a calm like a soft blanket lays over the whole trip and its travellers.
Well arrived people walking pilot first, then cyclists, some moped riders and last the motorists off the ferry and a land on an island where calm is given, yes, anything else would be silly.

And see, there is someone you know and there is the beautiful fortress, the old wooden as well as the newly built houses all framed in the most beautiful archipelago nature one could ever imagine a sunny day in June, yes, and the two swans of course with there five nestlings.

Imagine; the sun shining, the ferry filled once again with people and out to sea it goes. Well on board on the ferry again the shoulders have dropped and the smile broaden just by being allowed a small part of this day in beautiful simplicity, thank you.


It was a dark and stormy night.
"Captain, captain, captain, wake up."
"What is it?"
"We are really sorry to waken you up but we have a serious problem."
"What is it?"
"There is a ship in our sea lane about 20 miles away and they refuse to move."
"Tell them to move."
"Sir, we have. They just will not move."
"I will tell them."

The signal goes out; `Move starboard 20 degrees.´ The signal returns; `Move starboard yourself 20 degrees.´
"I can not belive this. Who is this joker? I mean, I am important, I am a captain, let him know who I am." The signal goes out; `This is captain Horatio Hornblower the 26:th, move starboard 20 degrees - at once.´ The signal returns; `This is seaman, Carl Jones the 3:rd, commanding you to move starboard 20 degrees - at once.´
"What presumtion, we are a battleship, let them know who we are." The signal goes out; `This is the Mighty Missioury.´ The signal returns; `This is the light house.´

True story as told by Stephen R. Covey, 28 march 2000.


In Gävle´s wonderful concert house one gratefully be in good musicians company, with music the lovely. Yes, after time of pandemi many doors are opening when musicians busy as bee´s their concerts know beginning.

Thank you Glenn, Anders, Rolf och Gävle symfoniorkester for a great concert production and season opening in Gävle. Thank you, warmly.

CONDUCTOR Francois Leleux
PIANO Éric Le Sage

G. ROSSINI Il barbiere di Siviglia, ouvertyr
W.A. MOZART Piano concerto nr 17 G-major
W.A. MOZART Piano concerto nr 24 c-minor
I. STRAVINSKY Firebird 1919


In a country side where music belongs one travel gracefully in with orchestral musics songs. To Bollnäs and Ljusdal w here Gävle Symphony Orchestra sounded well.

A musical trip where autumn woods abide, yes, thank you Glenn, Anders and Gävle Symphony Orchestra all alike.


Eric Jakobsson TUBA
RAUTAVAARA Isle of Bliss
SIBELIUS Symfoni nr 6


When Shostakovich 5:e and Prokofiev´s violin concerto was performed and even Stravinsky in the winds favour in beautiful Gävle concert hall.

Thank you Glenn, Anders, Rolf and Gävle symfoniorkester for another great week with in Gävle, always so nice.

VIOLIN Alena Baeva

I. STRAVINSKY Symphonies for winds
S. PROKOFIEV Violin concerto nr 1
D. SHOSTAKOVICH Symfoni nr 5


Gratuful in Gävle orchestra be, when production given for both joy and inspiration, see, there good music gild from symphonic factoring where competance try and inspiration; keep practicing.

Thank Glenn, Anders, Sofia, Lucia and Gävle Symphony Orchestra for letting one be a small part of this, thank you.

Michal Nesterowicz CONDUCTOR
Soyoung Yoon VIOLIN

V. KILAR Orawa
Á. PIAZZOLLA Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas
D. SHOSTAKOVICH Symfoni nr 1

The concert was give in Gävle the 18:th november and in Bollnäs the 19:th november.


Where we all ought to begin is a good thought to help us all sing. Then a good word will be a fruitful seed to lift our world through a good deed.

How unthoughtful then to believe our future a friend. If not our thought be good, say not what we ought and do not know we should.

Verily, where we all ought to begin is a good thought to help us all sing.

A good word, truly, a good world.