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2020 in review

THANK YOU ALL FOR 2020. Here we are again a new year is around the corner and we all have hopes and dreams we want to fulfil. Yes, we did this last year too, hopefully, and some things we did accomplish and some we did not, so even yours truly. The trick seem to be to focus on progress and to have goals within different areas of life. Then to go through your year in review - to make you see your own progress and move forward the coming year - 2021.

Happy ending of 2020 - to all of you.



Thank you Martin, Anders, Lars and Norrköping’s Symphony Orchestra for a lovely week and two special concerts presented in 5 languages. Swedish, English, Somali, Arabic and Tigrinya.

So good to see all of you again and try to understand a new language, well, just understood two of them, sadly enough. The audience understood it all though, which was made clear, and we where given many different kind of music from near and far - from Duvemåla to Macedonia.

Grateful to be a small part of this - thank you, warmly.

CONDUCTOR Christoffer Nobin
SOLOIST Blagoj Lamnjov clarinet

Shostakovich & Tchaikovsky

Delighted to be a part of such a lovely week where one of Shostakovich' most orginal pieces along side with Tchaikovsky's most beloved piano concertos where on the program.

Thank you Glenn, Anders, Angelina and Gävle Symphony Orchestra for this - thank you, warmly.

Conductor Jessica Cottis
Piano Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev

Sjostakovitj Hamlet suite
Tjajkovskij Piano Concerto nr 1
Gävle Symphony Orchestra


Grateful to be a part of such an evening in Gävle - thank you.

A Taiwanese-American conductor living in Chicago, a mezzo soprano from London, a violinist from Manchester, an oboist flown in from Berlin, a clarinet player directly from Stockholm on concert day, and yes, surely forgotten countries which cities were represented this Valentines days eve in Gävle.

Thank you Glenn, Anders, Magdalena and Gävle Symphony Orchestra for a lovely week - it warmed the heart dearly - thank you.

Conductor Mei Ann Chen
Mezzo soprano Allison Cook

GRÉTRY Zémire et Azor, Overture
SAARIAHO Emilie suite
TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony nr 4

FAITH & ASSURANCE Now, faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. "How can one belief in something you can not see and how can that lead to assurance?" one wonders. "Well," the answer seems to come by itself. "Just as we needed to belief that we one day could walk when we where a child we need to belief that we can find answers to our questions, yes, a belief that we can figure things out."

"So, how can one belief or even know that something is true?" "Well, by sincerely asking with real intent to know," the answer came by itself again, because answers are available all the time, always. The most important thing is to take one question at a time, to know which question one get the answer to.

And there is always something new to learn, in all stages in life for every girl and boy, woman and man, yes, every sister and brother.

The question’s can even be mundane and practical such as:
"How can one get and keep a good health? How can one live a good life and how can one serve successfully within the fields of one´s own passion and interest?"

The answers come as from nowhere and the good answers leads us forward in our decisions in life. "Yes, we all surely make mistakes sometimes. Then it is so incredible liberating for all of us that we can try again and keep learning all through life."

Now, faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see - because we can seek the truth in all things.

World Book Day & Publishing Give a book away to friend so dear or to yourself now at home so near.
World Book Day is a day instituted by Unesco in 1995 to acknowledge the book and copywrite. World Book Day is the 23 april every year.

In times of change the learned find them self beautifully equipped for a world that do not longer exit - while the learners inherit the earth.

Changes, we all pass through in life, either we like it or not, and sometimes changes come to us all collectively - like today. If we all could learn to know that we are here to grow - we continually enhance, regardless of age, gender or colour.

Someone said; "Without vision, people perish." Which means that we have to have a dream - a direction forward, always.

You know, like the Kings do, they pass on the crown immedtially after their death to the next generation, so that continuum never ends - and are we not all Kings and Queens, in regard to an eternal perspective.

Like Chuck Mangione wrote;
"Without dreams of hope and pride, a man will die
Though his flesh still moves, his heart sleeps in the grave
Without land, man never dreams cause he's not free
All men need a place to live with dignity.
Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won't die
Lord said not by bread alone does man survive
Take the food from hungry children, they won't cry
Food alone won't ease the hunger in their eyes.
Every child belongs to mankind's family
Children are the fruit of all humanity
Let them feel the love of all the human race
Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace.
Give me love and understanding, I will thrive
As my children grow, my dreams come alive
Those who hear the cries of children, God will bless
I will always hear the Children of Sánchez."

Yes, take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they will not die. Take the food from hungry children, they will not cry. But take the dreams from little children (in all ages) and we all will die.

Have you ever had a dream - please do so now.

Close to all of us is family and it is so fun to be able to publish another family book, which is happening right now, the book Trons i Kolsätt - Pehr Jonson & Ella Ambriksdotters ättlingar written by Lena Eklöf and Tore Svedlund. Who both originate from different line of decendents of the homestead Trons in Kolsätt, Härjedalen.

TRONS I KOLSÄTT - Pehr Jonsson & Ella Embriksdotters ättlingar
av Lena Eklöf och Tore Svedlund ISBN 978-91-7819-735-4

TURN THE OTHER CHEEK  To turn the other cheek is not always easy; do believe that it helps though, because whom of us has not his or her own faults. Wish to share a true story about turning the other cheek, literally, and the power of the spoken word in truth.

A young man had an intellectually challenged sister and in school some of the boys was teasing him about that. They called her names and made fun of her in front of him, day-by-day and week-by-week. Something this young man could ignore, because he knew better than that.

To this story one must say that this young man was a big young man, he was tall and a well-trained swimmer, yes, like real farm door with his length and his broad shoulders.

One day in school his schoolmates went too far and he had had it, so he said; "I want you to stop teasing me and speaking badly about my sister." The other boys looked at him as if they have just got what they wanted. "Come on," they said waving their fists in front of him. "No," the young swimmer answered. "I do not want to fight, I want you to stop teasing me and speaking badly about my sister." Then came the punch, a fist stroke that hit the jaw of the well-trained swimmer. Then, everything became quiet.

After a while a voice was heard, just as calm as the first time, this time with a little blood running down his jaw. "I do not want to fight, I want you to stop teasing me and speaking badly about my sister."

The boys looked up on the now bleeding big swimmer and the boy who had hit him was clearly moved. He knew his guilt, felt it and it was clearly shown.

The boys turned around, walked away and never teased him again.

To turn the other cheek is not always easy; do believe that it helps though. Hope that none of us have to end up in a situation this young swimmer did - turning the other cheek helped him though, yes, actually everyone in that situation and that everyone was talking about this event long after it had happened - yes, even today, actually.


As a young person the answer may be one thing. When we are all grown up we might answer something else and when we grow older we might, again, answer something new. Somethings have stayed the same, in my case, but my values have changed, bit by bit, hopefully. Somebody has said; "I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir."

So - what is gold to you?

AGENCY   In the time when wood burners were installed 5 people came to a house to talk about how one could take a big heavy wood burner down to the cellar by the narrow stairs. Another person, a little more quiet, was there too.

The 5 persons sat them self down at the kitchen table and started to discuss. Should one lay the wood burner down on its back, should there be one person in every corner of the wood burner to carry it, or could one disassemble the wood burner? The ideas were just as many as the treats were good that they were served during their talk.

About one hour later these 5 people were ready to try their theories and went together out in the front the house where they had left the wood burner. But there were no longer no wood burner. What had happened? They looked around on the yard; there were no wood burner. They looked once more in the hallway; there were no wood burner either. They went to the stairs down to the cellar; there were no wood burner. They went down the stairs and all the way to the room that was to become the boiler room - there the wood burner stood at its place.

Yes, what could have happened? Well, a not too articulate man did what he had done so many times before in his life, the best he could with what he had in front of him. He was not so good at speaking in front of many people but he knew that most things could be solved if one just tried.
All alone this quiet man had pushed the wood burner bit by bit using a few small wood pieces underneath the wood burner, into the hallway, down the narrow stairs and all the way into the boiler room - all by himself using the means available.
Demonstrably even calm and quiet without disturbing anyone.

2021 goal and planning calendar
Released 26 October in Swedish.

Dreams come true. We all have dreams; they are what make life tick. They keep us moving forward. They keep us growing. Dreams make us think new things, in new ways and for better reasons.

Dreams helps us to set goals - which gives us a good life.

2021 goal & planning calendar helps one to fulfil one´s dreams through goals - year by year. 2021 goal & planning calendar includes monthly calendars over a quarter, a yearly overview and goal documents.
To be offered the opportunity to write one´s goal down and then be able to check them off, one by one, is incredibly satisfying and you can start using 2021 goal & planning calendar anytime of the year.

So, feel free and use 2021 goal & planning calendar and see your goals being reached one by one.
Beautiful photos by Ted Karlberg.

This week a virtual recording of a family and school production was produced under the direction of Christoffer Nobin along with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Louis De Geer concert hall in Norrköping.The performance is based on ”Nasse hittar en stol” written by Sven Nordqvist whose story the actors Åsa Forsberg & Tobias Almborg here portrayed.The orchestras own gentlemen Petter Svensson, Lars Gärd, Martin Orraryd and Anders Dahlstedt displayed the whole armoury of percussion there in the back of the orchestra. Gratefully even yours truly was given a part of this virtual recording.Thank you, all, for a lovely week in Norrköping.

Verily, there is truth? Sometimes you just want to know, yes, and sometimes you just have to know - what truth is.
In a time where information is flowing around us like never before it might seem hard to find truth, even how much one needs it. Even how much one search for it.

Do believe though that we all sometime in our life have known, yes, in ourselves felt, a truth and that we always can find it – in ourselves. Truth is though larger than anyone can imagine so it looks like we have to learn truth bit by bit.

The trick seems to be to not run away, neither physical nor virtually, the truth that we actually have felt, in ourselves, and actually may develop all through life. To learn truth bit by bit.

The good with truth is that it is constant, something solid to reach for and lean to, bit by bit, on life’s journey.
Verily, there is truth? Sometimes you just want to know, yes, and sometimes you just have to know - what truth is.

Which truth is needed right now?

The good feeling that comes from starting a new discipline is almost as good as the feeling that comes from the accomplishment of the discipline.

A new discipline alters life´ s direction and the new destination is yet to come and you can change direction immediately.

The bridge between thought and accomplishment, yes, the bridge between inspiration and value achievement is discipline - because all good things are upstream.

With discipline you can not believe the list of positive moves you can make in the first day of your new beginning.

2019 - in review