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THANK YOU ALL FOR 2019. Here we are again a new year is around the corner and we all have hopes and dreams we want to fulfil. Yes, we did this last year too, hopefully, and some things we did accomplish and some we did not, so even yours truly. The trick seem to be to focus on progress and to have goals within different areas of life. Then to go through your year in review - to make you see your own progress and move forward the coming year - 2020.

Happy ending of 2019 - to all of you.

The year started with new dreams and goals, giving direction and meaning towards this year.

On Valentines day a heavy letter arrived at home - a new recording made by Gävle Symphony Orchestra with their principal conductor Jaime Martin.

Thank you GÄVLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, for letting me be a part of this CD-recording. It warms my heart to be allowed to participate at such an occasion with Glenn, Anders and all wonderful musicians in the orchestra as well as extra staff hired.

Really - thank you.

ODINE 2019
Johannes Brahms Piano quartet in G minor (orchestrated by Arnold Schoenberg)
Hubert Perry Elegy for Brahms

Thank you Glenn, Anders, Rolf, Sabela, Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Jaime Martin and Agneta Eisenholz for a lovely evening with Strauss Don Juan and Mahler’s 4th symphony and more in Gävle concert hall.

Thank you also to family and friends in the audience, who came and said hello, it made me warm.

It was wonderful, both to hear and play in Gävle this week, with the masterpieces of Strauss- and Mahler including great expressions and orchestral gestures.

And the friendly environment back in the percussion section, of course.

Yes, an evening to remember and enjoy long after this Friday evening -  thank you .

Conductor - Jaime Martin
Soprano - Agneta Ei senholz
Anna Clyne Masquerade
Strauss Don Juan
Mahler Symphony nr 4

Gävle Symphony Orchestra


Preparations are on-going for an upcoming price during the summer of 2019 that are being planned, structured and followed through. Yes, this planning has been going on for 2 years actually.

Thank you friends and all that strengthen and builds,
that gives hope without end, yes, gives warmth everyone feels and sends.

A warm Saturday evening you could enjoy listening to the pupils of the Blekinge International Brass Academy, BIBA, when they gave their final concert after having completed this years BIBA-course, that is on its 26:th year since the start in 1993.

Dimitar Panayotov and Viking Stjernfeldt was given a scholarship appointed by the international teachers flown in from all around the world. The scholarship was given by the non profit organisation Karlskronavisor - whose purpose is to bring forth a warm and welcoming Karlskrona.

24 years old from Bulgaria and studying in Freiburg, Germany. First time at BIBA this year who gladly comes back next year.

17 years old, from Stockholm, Sweden, was at BIBA for the third year in a row and would also like to come back next year.

The price was handed out by Olle Lind, who initiated BIBA for now 26 years ago along side with Marcus Petersson and Mikael Nilsson that all three where represented this evening.

When the scholarship was announced a big cheer came from all the pupils - which gave a clear indication of the course´s warm atmosphere. Something Marcus Petersson is grateful for and wishes to preserve.

Congratulation Dimitar Panayotov and Viking Stjernfeldt especially and all the pupils at BIBA-19.

Thank you for a lovely final concert.

Biba Academy
Article - Sydöstran


Weekly thoughts to help us think, started to be published every Saturday morning, on Facebook and on our w ebpage.

Have been privileged to publish many quotes on Facebook and in a book, which teach me a lot. Quotes by authors, inspirational teachers, historic- and leaders of today in one way or another. These quotes have been published on a golden background, which for me symbolizes the feeling of finding a treasure.

The question is:
What is gold to you?

As a young person the answer may be one thing. When we are all grown up we might answer something else and when we grow older we might, again, answer something new. Something’s have stayed the same, in my case, but my values have changed, bit by bit, hopefully. Somebody has said; "I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir."

So - what is gold to you?

Feel free.

Grateful to be in Gävle with Gävle Symphony Orchestra to play under the direction of Jaime Martin at their autumn opening concert with soloist Ann Sofie von Otter.

A concert in three parts that ended with Beethoven’s 5:th symphony where after Jaime Martin was called back in by the audience three times - well deserved. Undersigned were then enjoying it all seated in the audience.

Thank you Glenn, Anders and Sofia for a lovely concert yesterday - now we continue today with the recording of Reger.

Yes, grateful to be a small part of such a week in Gävle Symphony Orchestra - thank you.

Gävle Symphony Orchestra
Principal conductor Jaime Martín
Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzo soprano

Reger Vier Tondichtungen für orchester
Berlioz Les nuits d'été
Beethoven Symphony no. 5

Through small and simple things comes that which is great, yes, one drop of change changes its whole environment.

It came to pass that a family held a yearly family evening with traditional ham. In this family it should be cooked with their own seasoned breading and they always cut off both ends of the ham before it goes into the oven.

This eve one of the younger family members asked,
"Why do we cut the endings of the ham?"
"We have always done that," the mother answered.
"Yes, but why?" the youngster wondered.
"My mother has always done that," said the mother.
"Yes, my mother too," the grandmother said.
"Well then, let us call great grandmother and ask her," the youngster said. "Hello great grand mother, why do we cut the ends off the ham every year?" the youngster asked.
"Well my dearest," the great grandmother replied, "I have such a small pan, you see."

So, during the fourth generation this habit started to change, yes, develop. Thanks to curiosity, yes, the will to learn.

Through the will to learn, new and better habits grow continually, one family’s habits or a whole country’s habits. Yes, even one person’s habits can change a whole world for the better - through conscious improvement of once habits.

Through small and simple things comes that which is great, yes, one drop of change changes its whole environment.

For 26 years Blekinge International Brass Academy has been a part of Karlskrona, Blekinge, and its beautiful summers. International renowned brass musicians have been flown in from all around the world to teach young talents and college students. This year, 2019, was no exception and a surprise awaited all students.

Dimatar Panayotov and Viking Stjernfeldt was given a scholarship for future education on their instruments appointed by this years international renowned soloists and musicians;

Wim Van Hasselt - trumpet - soloist from Belgium
Rex Richardson - trumpet - soloist from USA
Fergus McWilliam - french horn - Berlin Philharmonic
Otmar Gaiswinkler - trombone - Wiener Symphoniker
James Markey - bass trombone - Boston Symphony
Sergio Carolino - tuba - soloist from Portugal

Release Friday 29 November at all Swedish book stores.

International Scholarship Karlskrona Blekinge
Cover photo; James Markey, bass trombonist in Boston Symphony Orchestra, leading the students at the concluding concert in Amiralitetskyrkan, Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden.

Dreams come true. We all have dreams, they are what makes life tick. They keep us moving forward. They keep us growing. Dreams makes us think new things, in new ways and for better reasons. Dreams helps us to set goals - which gives us a good life.

2020 Q - goal and planning calendar helps you to reach your dreams through goals - quarter by quarter. 2020 Q includes goal documents, weekly calendars over a quarter with daily hourly indications of time, an economy plan, a weekly year plan, a yearly overview and more.

Many successful individuals have found that writing by longhand the things you think and the things you will do is invaluable - especially in our time where everything is digital. The mental aspect of writing longhand strengthens concentration and drastically increases our probability to reach our goals. Writing ones goal down on paper clarifies and gives direction for your brain to reach the them.

Think about it; if your goals are important enough to write down on paper, you tend to reach them.
The satisfaction that comes from reaching one goal feeds the will to reach the next goal, and the next goal. Even small goals motivate us, building momentum and will to reach bigger goals.

To be offered the opportunity to write your goals down and then be able to check them off,
one by one, is incredibly satisfying and you can start using 2020 ENG any time of the year.

So, feel free to use 2020 Q and see your goals being reached - one by one.

ISBN 978-91-7819-367-7

Try 2020 Q for free


MESSIAH BY HANDEL - Three days before Christmas
This Saturday, three days before Christmas, in the church of Madesjö, Småland, Sweden, you could enjoy or participate in Messiah by Handel with Nybro Chamber Choir and Orchestra all under the direction of Paul Thorstensson.

Including four beautiful soloists and all the way back in the orchestra two fine trumpet players along side a timpani player who have played together many times before, which warmed the timpani players heart.

Thank you all for a wonderful Saturday with Messiah in Madesjö.

Pernilla Ingmarsdotter, soprano
Anna Thorstensson, alto
Pär Fürst Nilsen, tenor
Thomas Björklund, bass

Paul Thorstensson, conductor
Nybro Chamber Choir and Orchestra