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& Publishing was founded december 2004 when a musician was sitting on first row, all the way back in the orchestras percussion group, and wondered about how a teddybear ended up in a concert hall.

The children's book; The Teddybook - how Teddy ended up in the concert hall, was the first book to be released.

Today more than a twenty books have been published, from children's book to ancestry book and fiction. 

Welcome, hope you find something that suits you.

A goal- and planning calendar started to develop in 2016 and in November 2018 we even released this calendar which the same musician and percussionist is using himself to better achieve his goals and dreams in this life.

Recent release, 25 August, 2023; Studies for snare drum & The Drumming Tradition of Sweden.

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Studies for Snare Drum

Grateful for all the teaching, inspiration & love of music who brought these Studies for Snare Drum to life.

Grateful for composers, teachers, colleagues, friends & most of all great musicians who have inspired them. The first ten of these studies are based upon classic snare drum parts from the symphonic repertoire whilst the latter two are free compositions. All the studies are meant to be studied as exercises. To strenghten as well as inspire the classical snare drum playing to new personal heights.

Grateful for Hans-Erik Grandin, Lennnart Gruvstedt, Perry Dreiman, Joakim Berg, Martin Orraryd, Glenn Larsson, Bo Håkansson, Anders Nilsson, Andreas Påhlsson, David Kangasneimi, Jonas Blomqvist & Tom Nyby for your teaching, inspiration & all the wonderful musical memories.


Andreas Eklöf

Studies for Snare Drum
by Andreas Eklöf
ISBN 978-91-9881-104-9


International Scholarship Karlskrona Blekinge 2022

International Scholarship Karlskrona Blekinge´s purpose is to encourage young musicians toward a profession as a musician. Jakob Nilsson, trombone & Daniel Vistam, trombone was awarded the scholarship the 2 July 2022 in the Karlskrona Admiralty Church, anno 1680.

The scholarship was presented during the final concert of Blekinge International Brass Academy, BIBA, where for 29 years solo brass musicians from the worlds leading concert halls have been represented, so even this year;

Thomas Hooten, trumpet
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Gabriele Cassone, trumpet
Soloist from Italy

Jeroen Berwaerts, trumpet
Soloist from Belgium

Laurens Woudenberg, horn
Concertgebouworkest, Amsterdam

Dick Gustavsson, horn
Göteborgs Symfoniker

Bart Claessens, trombon
Concertgebouworkest, Amsterdam

Tomer Maschkowski, bastrombone
Deutsches Symphonie Orchester

Ricardo Carvalhoso, tuba
Munich Philharmonic

förord Andreas Eklöf & foto Andreas Blomlöf   ISBN


INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP - Karlskrona Blekinge 2021

International Scholarship Karlskrona Blekinge was initiated 2019 & this year, 2021, the scholarship was presented during the last concert of Blekinge International Brass Academy to; Sigrid Bengtsson, trumpet, Ellinor Bengtson, trumpet, & Hedda Simonsson, trumpet.

For 28 years solo brass musicians from the worlds leading concert halls have been represented at BIBA, so even this year;

Wim Van Hasselt, trumpet
Soloist from Belgium

Frits Damrow, trumpet
Professor from Zürich

Stefan Dohr, horn
Berlin Philharmonic

Katy Woolley, horn
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Ian Bousfield trombon
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & London Symphony Orchestra

Jamie Williams, trombon
Deutsche Oper Berlin

Dave Kutz, tuba
Netherlands Philharmonic

foreword Andreas Eklöf & photo Magnus Lejhall   ISBN 978-91-8020-637-2


Hemmanet Trons har gått i samma släkts ägo sedan en lång tid tillbaka. Tore Svedlund besökte Trons i mitten av 1970-talet och träffade Ella Svensson som då bodde ensam i huset. Ella tog fram många gamla handlingar som visade sig vara av stort värde.

Det var Pehr Jonsons inrikespass från 1830 för att få fara till Sala för att få sälja smör, fågel och skinn. I samlingen fanns även bouppteckningar, arrendekontrakt för lantbonden 1840 och lagfart / fastebrev för Jonas Persson daterat Nilsvallens Tingsställe 21 februari 1851. Dessutom flera personalia, dvs. levnadsberättelser, om Pehr Jonsson och Ella Embriksdotter.

Tack vare dessa handlingar och Frans Järnankars och Arne Elfqvists forskning har vi fått en bra bild av hur Trons förfäder har haft det.

Lena Eklöf, Bagars, Kolsätt, Härjedalen         Tore Svedlund, Bollnäs, Hälsingland
TRONS I KOLSÄTT   Only in Swedish
by Lena Eklöf & Tore Svedlund  ISBN 978-91-7819-735-4


En varm lördagskväll i juni fick man njuta av elevernas avslutningskonsert vid Blekinge International Brass Academy, BIBA, som genomfördes för den 27:e gången sedan starten 1993.

Dimitar Panayotov, Bulgarien, och Viking Stjernfeldt, Sverige, fick mottaga ett stipendium för vidare studier på sina respektive instrument utsedd av de internationellt influgna lärarna.

Stipendiet instiftades av den ideella föreningen Karlskronavisor, som syftar att lyfta fram ett varmt välkomnande Karlskrona. Stipendiet utdelades av Olle Lind som var med och initierade BIBA.

For 26 years Blekinge International Brass Academy has been a part of Karlskrona, Blekinge, and its beautiful summers.

International renowned brass musicians have been flown in from all around the world to teach young talents and college students. This year, 2019, was no exception and a surprise awaited all students.

Dimatar Panayotov, Bulgaria, and Viking Stjernfeldt, Sweden, was given a scholarship for future education on their instruments appointed by this years international renowned soloists and musicians;

Wim Van Hasselt - trumpet - soloist from Belgium
Rex Richardson - trumpet - soloist from USA
Fergus McWilliam - french horn - Berlin Philharmonic
Otmar Gaiswinkler - trombone - Wiener Symphoniker
James Markey - bass trombone - Boston Symphony
Sergio Carolino - tuba - soloist from Portugal

Internationellt stipendium - Karlskrona, Blekinge
Omslagsbild; James Markey, bastrombonist i Boston Symphony Orchestra, leder studenterna vid avslutningskonserten i Amiralitetskyrkan, Karlskrona, Blekinge. 

INTERNATIONELLT STIPENDIUM - Karlskrona Blekinge sv/eng
med förord av Andreas Eklöf  ISBN 978-91-7819-443-8


2020 Q - goal and planning calendar

Have been privileged to publish a goal- and planning calendar, 2020 Q, that I am using myself.

Have during a few years develop this goal- and planning calendar which helps me to keep me on track, by planning my time towards my personal dreams and goals in life.

With this calendar you can see your own progress and shortcomings more clearly, which helps you to keep moving forward in life. Even when life feels like it is falling a part. Well, it helps even more then, really, to keep you moving forward.

This through the knowledge that you have more goals and dreams in front of you, that you want to see being reached or fulfilled.

And yes, the calendar is in physical form because the mental aspect of writing longhand strengthens concentration and increases our probability to reach our goals - drastically.

So, feel free;
ISBN 978-91-7819-367-7

2020 Q is published in English.

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QUOTES - loved by many

Feel free, here comes a new book. Have been given the chance to publish a book out of my favorite quotes that have been published on Facebook - quotes that I learn a lot from.

Quotes by authors, inspirers and different leaders in one way or the other.

"Quotes have for many years been a part of my daily life. I love them, I learn from them, I am inspired by them and I try to live what I learn from them. See, read and learn what you will learn from these quotes and let us grow together."

Andreas Eklöf
Include quotes by:   James Allen          Ralph W. Emerson    W. Shakespeare
                                   Robert Burns            Napoleon Hill            Henry D. Thoreau
                                   Andrew Carnegie     Abraham Lincoln        Mark Twain
                                   Charles Dickens      C.S. Lewis
                                   Thomas Edison

QUOTES - loved by many - by Andreas Eklöf
ISBN 978-91-7611-701-9

KARLSKRONAVISOR - by Mats Enqvist - book, including CD

The book includes 10 songs and 5 poems about a warmly welcoming Karlskrona, written by the newly-moved-in Mats Enqvist, from Värmland. The first 500 books also includes a CD-recordning with 7 of the songs, where all well known Karlskrona musicians contributes. 
Thank you for a always beautiful and inspiring Karlskrona. Thank you all citizens for being just you, that makes Karlskrona the warmly welcoming city it is, regardless where you are from in the first place. Feel free, here is lyrics and music about, and from Karlskrona, to all of us who loves Karlskrona.
- Our Karlskrona. 
Mats Enqvists Karlskronavisor are now available in all bookstores, in Sweden, virtual- and physical stores. The first 500 books include the CD-recordning. - Feel free.
KARLSKRONAVISOR - by Mats Enqvist - Only in Swedish
ISBN 978-91-7773-045-3


BREVEN HEM - av Cecilia Helmstad

This is the book "Breven hem" ("Letters home") - my grandfathers letters to my grandmother, when he was in hospital, before he dies 35 years old. My fathers letters to my grandmother, when he went to sea 15 years old. And my fathers letters to myself when I was a little girl and he was at sea.
In this collection I have chosen some letters to the book, others I have made short abstract from, and through the letter I have gotten to know my grandfather, that I never met, and my father when he was a very young man. 
This book is written to my children Amelie, Amanda, Aron och Astrid. 

Cecilia Helmstad, born Andersson, 2017. 
BREVEN HEM - av Cecilia Helmstad Only in Swedish
ISBN 978-91-7611-900-6 
Only in Swedish


KARLSKRONAVISOR - av Mats Enqvist 

Mats Enqvist is from Värmland, Sweden, and has found a new home. Now he writes about a city that he have come to love - Karlskrona. "Sometimes I rise at 5 am just to see the town wake up," Mats Enqvist says.
"When I get up that early I usually have a cup of coffee and then jump up on the bike. It is a special atmosphere just before the city wakes up. Another kind of air, another kind of scent." 
Mats expresses a great joy over Karlskrona and the Association of Songs which he now is a part of. "We do everything together in "Visans vänner" ("Friends of Songs"). The people in this association is my favorite people in town."
Mattias Knutson, BLT. 

Feel free, here are music and lyrics about Karlskrona. To all who loves our city. To all of you that have been forced to leave your home and had to come to our small beautiful archpelago town.- Everyones Karlskrona.
This booklet of songs inlcude 3 songs and 1 poem written by Mats Enqvist, and beautiful pictures of our beloved Karlkskrona.
ISBN 978-91-7611-900-6  
Only in Swedish

A GOOD LIFE - first wrong then right 

Josef Abram grew up in a small town with a hard working single mother, drow himself deep down in a pit in life and asked for help - and found it. And it was greater then he ever could imagine.

The clock said 00.30 and it knocked on the door. Josef got up suprised from the bed. "That is weird, everbody knows that I sleep at this time at night. Yes, even on Fridays." He got dressed and put on his cap to try to hide his head that now only had a few hairs left. This had been going on a few years and started in the beard with small empty spots. Now, all facial- and head hair was gone. Even eyebrows, eyelashes and some gone on arms, legs and chest.

Josef opened the door and there were his landlord, and closest friend too, through these turbulent years. The landlord said; "Now, take your clothes off." "What," Josef thought, "what in the world is this?". Quickly he closed the door and locked it, even though the landlord lived next door with keys and everything.

It was time. "That is enough".
"The story of Josef Abram and his turning point in life, has helped me a lot personally and I hope that it also reaches you, dear readers."
Andreas Eklöf
A GOOD LIFE - first wrong then right
ISBN 978-91-7611-030-0

LILLFJÄTEN & Nilssonsläkten i bilder

Har länge tänkt skriva ner och samla bilder från Lillfjäten för att Per-Hannes och mina barn och barnbarn ska veta lite om bygden och släkten de härstammar ifrån. En liten by i härlig fjällmiljö som gett oss många härliga, sköna dagar i såväl sommar- som vintertid.

Boken handlar alltså om delar av Lillfjäten med Joles-syskonen från början av 1900-talet, men mest om Nilsson släkten.

Många kort har jag fått låna av familjen Nilsson, Britt-Marie ”Bibbi” Jemt, Kerstin Person, Gudrun Kahn och av Esbjörn Henrikssons Joles Jonas Olssons bilder.

Lena Eklöf
Bagars, Kolsätt, Härjedalen, 2013.
LILLFJÄTEN & Nilssonsläkten i bilder
ISBN 978-91-7609-828-8
Only in Swedish


KOLSÄTT - min by i bilder

Under 1980-talet väcktes mitt intresse för gamla bilder i Kolsätt, byn där jag föddes under andra världskriget. Gick runt i gårdarna och fick se många bilder från svunna tider.

Byborna berättade om saker som hänt i byn, som var helt nytt för mig. Om färjans betydelse, fabriken, båten Prins Bernadotte och mycket mer.

Bilderna har visats på två utställningar på medborgarhuset i Sveg och finns nu här även i bokform.


Lena Eklöf
Bagars, Kolsätt, Härjedalen, 2011.
KOLSÄTT - min by i bilder
ISBN 978-91-7609-252-1
Only in Swedish

NALLEBOKEN "Hur Nalle hamnade i konserthuset!"

Efter att ha lett Nallekonserter® i mer än 15 år med över 300 000 åhörare, kom Nalle ut i bokform 2009. Första upplagan av Nalleboken sålde slut & förlaget fick ge ut den på nytt.

Nalleboken bygger på Malmö Symfoniorkesters varumärke Nallekonserter® som ges i Malmö Konserthus 4-5 ggr per år. En riktig publiksuccé med över 3 000 vuxna och barn i publiken per produktion, där Nalle för den klassiska musiken närrmre den yngre generationen.
Boken "Hur Nalle hamnade i Konserthuset!" bygger på en sann historia från symfoniorkestervärlden, gestaltad med AnnaPennas vackert färgglada bilder med mycket att titta på för barnen. En Nallebjörn i en så härligt äventyrlig miljö, som bara ett konserthus kan vara.
Berättelse: Jan-Erik Sääf/Andreas Eklöf
Illustrationer: Anna Sjölin
NALLEBOKEN - "Hur Nalle hamnade i konserthuset!"
ISBN 978-91-9761-250-0 
Only in Swedish